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Medium hard plate available for analog and digital

The AFP™-SF/DSF is Asahi’s medium hard plate that elevates printing results to a new level of quality. It is designed for good highlights combined with excellent ink transfer onto all substrates. Its optimized balance of solid ink laydown and highlight dot printing produces incomparably good ink coverage with low dot gain in the mid tones and brilliant highlights at maximum printing speeds, with particular suitability for flexible packaging printing on film and paper with solvent or water based inks.


- Superbly balanced reproduction of large tonal areas, text and halftone elements.

- Wide exposure latitude enables consistent results.

- Steep relief shoulders and very good intermediate depths result in minimal dot gain.

- Its flexibility makes it possible to print with small-diameter cylinders.

- AFP™-SF/DSF is the perfect choice for solvent- and water-based ink printing applications where solid ink transfer in harmony with fine highlight dots is the focus.

Name product : AFP™-SF/DSF