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ThermoFlexX Catena-DL

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Individually Controlled Dryer Sections Independent

Independent heaters, sensor control and ventilation for all 6 dryer sections. This ensures exact temperature and timings for all plates. Only required stations need to be active for economic operation if only a few sections are required..

Precision Light Finishing

UVA and UVC lamps are monitored and controlled to ensure ultimate consistency from plate to plate. Sensors test intensity before each plate and tubes are monitored to ensure timely replacement when necessary. A record of lamp performance can be available for every plate for ultimate QC tracking.

ThermoFlexX Monitoring

All critical information such as motor current, controllers, operating conditions and working temperatures are monitored. This information can be stored and made available for total plate QC records. ThermoFlexX ProServeX provides a cloud-based, constant monitoring service of all key components throughout the range. A brand-new level of predictive maintenance with on-line support is available. The need for physical service-interventions is minimised.



Dimenstions : Width 2520mm, 3003mm inc. monitor (99/118”)

Dimenstions : Depth 1687mm, 3150mm inc. lift arms (66/124”)

Dimenstions : Height 1623mm, 1888mm lift arms up (64/74”)

Plate Thickness max. : 7mm (0.276”)

Plate Size max. : 1320x2032mm (52×80”)

Electrical : 380V 3ø N+PE 50 / 60Hz 20A

Weight : 1800kg (3960lbs)

Packed Dimensions (WxDxH) : 2118x2770x2060mm (83x109x81”)

Extraction : 2x160mm

Name product : ThermoFlexX Catena-DL